New York Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art

Permanent art installation of a 43ft ceramic tile mural for the lobby of PS19Q, Corona Queens
To be completed August 2018

1964 World’s Fair

The 1964 World’s Fair came to New York at an interesting time. It aimed to represent modernity and forward-thinking, as families began the migration from the city to utopian planned communities on Long Island. The fair was seen as a bridge between the city and suburbs. I have referenced the architectural structures and patterns from the fair in my collage work as it serves as a personal anchor. Having grown up in one of Long Island these images represent the American Dream and a positive vision of the future. I choose these references for the PS 19 Q project as a way to teach a new generation of New Yorkers about the vision of the future and give them a new lens with which to view their own future. 

This work features elements and exhibits from the 1964 World's Fair, reimagined into a natural landscapes. The final installation will be a 43 ft x 10ft ceramic tile mural in the lobby of PS19Q in Queens, where the students overlook reminants of the fair site at Flushing Medows Park. 


The Process

Working with tile maker Andru Eron from New York Tilemakers - Proof of Concept Samples below:


Workshops with the PS19Q students - A series of collage workshops for the 3rd grade students so they can learn about the mural project that will be in their school, the 1964 World's Fair and think about what their own future will look like. 

Can you imagine a new innovation that will change the way we live today?

Student Work Examples


Students worked together to create their "City of the Future" which had flying cars, rocket ship houses, subways in the sky, roof top parks and slides instead of staircases. 

Students made poster advertisements to promote people to live in their "City of the Future"