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Works on / With Paper

  • concepto hudson 741 Warren Street Hudson, NY, 12534 United States (map)

Historically, paper works with mixed media have taken the form of various dimensional and decorative objects. Especially in Asia, there are many artifacts with paper as a basis; lanterns (with bamboo), shoji screens (with wood), dolls, toys, and vessel forms (paper mache), kites, calligraphy and so forth. Paper making itself is a venerated and nuanced art form in Japan. In this exhibition, we are excited to present a contemporary approach to paper by five selected artists with compliment from the Concepto Collection: Interior landscape of the Law of Nature is the theme of the works by Andrea Burgay. Mixed media in three and two dimensional works, which contain cut periodicals, found objects and elements taken from her own drawings. Observing exterior of her surroundings and everyday experiences is the expression of Gwyneth Leech. Her coffee cup installation is a perfect example of her conceptional pouring, using painted everyday coffee shop cups to depict a cascading, extraordinary dream and escape from her mundane life. Duality in life is depicted in the works of Christopher E. Manning. Through his mixed media, he expresses heaven and hell, dream and reality, life as an illusion of flux or maybe a reality, like a floating world. Manicured, created landscapes of cut paper describes the work of Cheryl Molnar. . . “The fictional landscapes depicted in my collage paintings are inspired by places I’ve been, but reimagined into exaggerated environments that reflect man’s alternation of nature.” The haunted memory of childhood anguish is evident in the drawing installation of Jonathan Torres’s. His honest expression is disturbingly emotional yet moving. The Artists from Concepto Collection include: Claudio Bravo (1936 - 2011), Matt Callinan, Sandro Chia, Ching Ho Chin, Marie Cole, Eliana Dominguez, Paul Jaquolet (1896 - 1960), Kiyoshi Ike, JR Larson, Antonio Lopez (1943 - 1987), Michael Lorefice, Salvatore Matteo, Ruben Nakian (1897 - 1986), Ben Pederson, Judy Pfaff, Italo Scanga ( 1932 - 2001) Junichiro Sekino (1914 - 1988), Hansom Son, Herman Spoerel, Sadanobu Tamura (printed early 20th Century ), Nahum Tschacbasov (1899 - 1984) and others. An opening reception for the artists will be held Saturday, September 19 from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

Later Event: December 16
Cheryl Molnar Unusual Settings